City Crit: Croydon Meanwhile Use

Take a tour of Croydon with new talents in the council’s placemaking team and discover how meanwhile uses are transforming the area


11:00am, Saturday, 2 February 2019


01:30pm, Saturday, 2 February 2019

Tour Guides

Anisha Jogani


Akil Scafe-Smith

Akil Scafe Smith

Tom Selby

Tom Selby 

Tickets: £15 Standard // AF Members 20% Discount with code

Duration: 2.5 hrs

Start: East Croydon Station

Getting There: Southern Railway

This is a past event

Join Anisha Jogani, Akil Scafe-Smith, and Tom Selby for a guided walk exploring Croydon’s ambitious regeneration plans and the role meanwhile use commissions are playing in boosting public realm perceptions. The tour will dive into Croydon’s patchwork of locality-specific regeneration masterplans and explain how temporary installations are paving the way for permanent upgrades intended to unlock the area’s potential as a social, cultural and economic rival to central London.

Covering a range of schemes including College Square by the spatial practices programme at Central Saint Martins, Croydon Arts Store, and Look Down to Look Up by Adam Nathaniel Furman – the tour will detail how local authority-led place making is transforming approaches to urban regeneration. It will also profile the work of young architectural designers from diverse backgrounds working at the forefront of public practice.

Anisha Jogani is an urban designer, researcher, curator and leads Croydon’s Placemaking Team. Jogani previously worked at OMA AMO in Rotterdam and curated Tate Collective for young audiences at Tate Modern.

Akil Scafe-Smith is an associate of Public Practice which places outstanding built environment experts in authorities seeking additional planning and placemaking expertise. He founded interdisciplinary design collective RESOLVE and is a project officer in Croydon Council’s Spatial Planning Service team.

Tom Selby is deputy team leader of Croydon Council’s Placemaking Team. Selby studied at the RCA and previously worked at Grimshaw and Heatherwick Studio.