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For over 20 years, the Architecture Foundation has brought together professionals from across the built environment to discuss and act on issues related to design and the built environment. With a renewed focus on the city and the critical intersection of architecture and politics, the Architecture Foundation works to effect meaningful change on policy and practice. 

We host debates, make films, commission critical writing, curate exhibitions, publish books and engage industry figures directly fostering new relationships and collaboration to help shape the quality of the built environment. The Architecture Foundation is made possible through the generous backing of our members and supporters who contribute resources, time and ideas to help grow and develop our work. 

Find out more about the many ways you can get involved with and shape our projects below.

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We send out a free monthly newsletter to over 10,000 subscribers, giving avance notice of all Architecture Foundation talks, tours and film screenings.

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Join a coalition of architects, students, planners, developers, public and professionals campaigning for better design in the city and society by becoming an individual or practice member of the Architecture Foundation. In addition get exclusive and priority access to the AF's programme of events and discounts on all ticketed events.

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From trustees to exhibition assistants to writers and film makers, the Architecture Foundation is supported by dedicated volunteers at every level. Volunteering is a great way to support the work of the Foundation while making an impact on architectural debate in London and beyond.

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A great way to support the Architecture Foundation's ongoing work is with a donation. Small or large, all donations directly to our programme rather than being spent on overheads. 

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Board of Trustees

Find out who runs and supports the Architecture Foundation

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Our Supporters

Contact us on for more inforamtion on how to join as a supporter. 

A list of our current supporters can be found on the bottom of the homepage.