'On the Street' with Edwin Heathcote and Tom Emerson

The first episode in the 2023 Book Week features Edwin Heathcote's new book 'On the Street: In-Between Architecture'.

Book Week:


On the Street: In-Between Architecture - Tom Emerson in Conversation with Edwin Heathcote

In his most recent book, Edwin Heathcote looks at the cultural impact of street furniture using photography as a measure of how these things have become indispensable components of the cityscape. Based mainly in and on London – but including New York, Paris and Budapest – Heathcote uses history, personal reflection and the lenses of photographers to examine the status of these urban artefacts in both the contemporary imagination and the city streets themselves. It looks at the changing landscape of the cityscape and the way in which street furniture has been adapted to address new technologies, the culture of surveillance and shifts in taste, orthodoxy and material culture.

Like a conversation between friends, Edwin and Tom meander through the book, stopping to focus on specific photos and moments; talking to the objects and compositions that fill the pages. Their reflections are based on both nostalgia and hope, looking to the great moments of 'In-Between Architecture' in the past and the possibility for the design of many more in the future. 

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