New collaboration with Scaffold Podcast

The Architecture Foundation is excited to announce our new partnership with Scaffold Podcast by Matthew Blunderfield.

The Architecture Foundation is excited to announce our support of Scaffold Podcast, a fortnightly podcast series featuring interviews with architects, artists and designers.

The podcast, produced by Matthew Blunderfield, takes a closer look at contemporary design culture through long-form conversations with both emerging and established voices. 

In an age of media sensationalism and clickbait journalism, Scaffold’s aim is to expose the deeper, more complex aspects of contemporary design practice to a wider audience through honest, thoughtful conversations. 

Matthew says, "There’s a depth and focus to the long-form interview that’s become increasingly rare in design journalism. We’re more inclined to scroll through images than to make time for really sinking into another person’s ideas and really hearing another person’s voice, and so I like how the interview format invites us to slow down and listen."

Scaffold explores an attitude towards architecture as a practice defined not in isolation, but through its relationships to other things. Matthew speaks with artists, industrial designers, poets, landscape architects, to expand the field and find an architecture beyond Architecture.

In May of 2019, Scaffold was included in Dezeen’s roundup of the best architecture and design podcasts to subscribe to.


How to listen

Scaffold is released every two weeks, and is available on Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Spotify, and most major podcast platforms.

Instagram: @scaffold_podcast

Twitter: @scaffold_pod