Meet the new Young Trustees

Five new appointments have been made to the Architecture Foundation's board of Young Trustees.

The Architecture Foundation's board of Young Trustees has been joined by five new members and two new co-chairs.


The New Co-Chairs: 

Katie Fisher (she/her)

Katie is an architect at Grounded Practice Ltd working on social housing projects. Having recently undertaken a qualification in Mental Health and the workplace and as a mental health advocate, Katie is an ambassador for the Architects Benevolent Society and has recently joined their Engagement and Development Committee. Katie is passionate about empowering more people to have agency in the built environment and regularly mentors with several organisations including Built By Us FLUID, Social Mobility Foundation, Westminster University and Open City Accelerate. Katie has also been a visiting tutor and reviewer at Westminster University and the Bartlett.

Mich Rossiter (he/him)

Mich Rossiter is an architectural designer and writer based in London with a particular interest in the power of new language and data to open and democratise the city. At the Bartlett, UCL Mich explored infill urbanism. radical retrofit and globalised public spaces alongside hosting a radio show during the pandemic. Mich has written for Era Journal and -Ism Magazine before completing a Design Internship at Boston Consulting Group. After a Software Engineering course with HyperionDev Mich joined Apt Works and is planning to undertake a Masters soon.


The New Young Trustees:

Bruna Borges (she/her)

Bruna is a Brazilian-born architectural designer living and based in the UK. Her work and research are guided by her interest in collaborative and user-led design for architecture and urban development. She is currently working as a built environment professional in the public sector and expanding her knowledge and skills in policy and strategic planning. She is passionate about the relationships between people, culture and places.

Nompsy Chigaru (she/her)

Nompsy is an architect based in London, currently at Karakusevic Carson Architects, where she enjoys working on community-led housing and regeneration projects. She strongly believes in the power of conversation and collaboration and in all people having a voice in the issues and decisions affecting their built environment. Nompsy is also passionate about supporting and encouraging the next generation of designers and currently mentors architecture students at various stages of their career.

Poppy Levison (she/her)

Poppy Levison is a designer, researcher and disability activist working across the creative industries. Since studying architecture at Central Saint Martins she worked on a range of projects, alongside being a Part 1 Architectural Assistant at DSDHA. Her lived experience as a blind woman gives her a particular interest and expertise in the politics of inclusive design and accessibility, architecture’s tendency to fixate on the visual rather than the experiential and the accessibility of architecture education.

George Pope (they/he)

George is part of the team at MATT+FIONA, an organisation which trusts and supports children and young people to make more inclusive and representative spaces and places. Prior to this, they worked in the publishing sector and in youth engagement with VSO Cambodia but their work now focuses on the meaningful integration of traditionally marginalised voices into conversations about architecture and the built environment. 

Sian Wells (she/her)

Sian is currently working as a Part 2 Architectural Assistant at Turner Works. She grew up in an ex-mining town in the South Wales Valleys, which instilled a politically charged and passionate view of our society and the failures of the existing systems that are currently in place. Sian graduated with a BEng in Architecture and Environmental engineering at UWE, Bristol before joining the London School of Architecture to continue with her MArch studies. Sian’s deep interest in intersectional feminism allowed her to test the concept of Feminist Cities, creating new paradigms of the neighbourhood, disengaging from current patriarchal economic systems and reclaiming agency of the city through ground up activism.