Good News From Nowhere: Farms, Land Use, Landscapes

Tues 3 December 2013, 7pm

  • Still from “Moving Landscapes” by Wapke Feenstra, co-produced with FLACC GENK, Belgium. Courtesy

Landscape is not a clear-cut subject – from the glacier that brought some sand, the river that formed two banks, the farmer that tills the top-soil, and the flock that grazes on the field – to the ditches that are cleaned, the plein air painter who loves blue skies and the mountain-biker who rests on top of the green hill.

Join us for an evening panel discussion sharing and exploring some research and future visions for land use – with a focus on agriculture, production and images of farming. 

Speakers will include Clare Cumberlidge, curator, London; Paul Roncken, landscape architect and researcher, Wageningen University, NL; and John Urry, Professor in Sociology, Lancaster University, UK. The discussion will be chaired by Wapke Feenstra, artist and founder.