Futures in the Making: Tools of the Trade - Translating Crafts

Thurs 31 October 2013, 7pm

  • Chang-Yeob Lee, The Synth[e]tech[e]cology Tower. Courtesy Chang-Yeob Lee

Tools of the Trade: A two part conversation exploring the state of architectural education today and what alternative paths there are to follow.

With the recent introduction of increased university fees the issues surrounding access to higher education have heightened and debates surrounding the necessity, relevance and value of an academic degree have been sparked. In the realms of architectural education, where the system demands a minimum of five years study, the question is begged whether such a steep investment is justifiable in relation to the opportunities available to those graduating in this subject.

The frequent disconnection between ambition and the actual career choices available to graduates suggest that perhaps a new way of thinking about architectural education and practice are called for, along with alternative sources of knowledge that better prepare students for present challenges.

This two-part series will bring together a range of practitioners, educators, theorists and students to discuss the notion of the ‘portfolio’, the toolbox by means of which a graduate gains access to the professional world. Parallel to the exhibition Futures in the Making, this conversation will focus on the values and methods that need to be protected in an increasingly product-driven education system.

Part 1: Translating Crafts  

What can one learn from an architectural education? What other skills can one bring to architecture? How do we transfer knowledge to enable greater mobility and creative freedom that break down professional boundaries?


Professor Robert Mull, Dean and Director of Architecture at The Cass
Daisy Froud
, Founder and Head of Participation AOC
Oliver Wainwright, Architecture and design critic of The Guardian
Paloma  Strelitz, Founding Member of Assemble studio
Harry Parr, Co-founder of Bompas & Parr

Chaired by Jack Self, Editor Fulcrum Magazine 

This two part series of events is organised in collaboration with BlackGrout – an independent ‘little’ magazine that focuses on the fringes of architecture and raises questions about our current culture, education and practice. Using conversation as the primary medium of production and dissemination, the content of the publication is constantly evolving, drawing conclusions from diverse angles of questioning. The project is initiated by Nina Shen-Poblete.


In collaboration with BlackGrout