Culture + Commerce: Join The Debate

@ArchFoundation / #CultureCommerce

As part of the series Culture + Commerce: Designs For A Different City we are looking for your ideas, thoughts and responses to a series of key questions and pressures adressing London and many contemporary metropoli today.

How can we maintain the public realm against the pressures of private interests?

How can we design diversity into an increasingly homogenised city?

How can we make London an affordable place to live and work? 

Answers to these questions are being collated at The Architecture Foundation's Twitter account. Please use the hashtag #CultureCommerce to be sure we receive your thoughts, or reply directly to our tweets. Alternatively, email your thoughts to events[at], placing the question in the subject line. A graphic window installation designed by Tom Mower will also broadcast these questions to the street, asking the public to respond with their thoughts.

Ideas will be collated and selected answers will be displayed in the AF's Project Space throughout the series, as well as on on this webpage.