Case #2: A Debate Between Contemporary Architectural Practices & Critics

Thurs 21 April 2011 7pm

Whereas Case #1 focused on the relationship between users and critics, the second and final debate of the exhibition will take place between contemporary architects Tony Fretton and Sam Jacob and architecture critic Kieran Long, moderated by exhibition producer Jessica Reynolds.

The discussion will consider the legacy of the building and its influence on practice today; the lessons to be learnt from it in terms of risk-taking relating to formal and technological innovation; American influences in Britain; and the importance of the axonometric drawing, versus contemporary representational tools and techniques of today. We anticipate a heated and lively debate between the panelists at the second trial of the Leicester Engineering Building. 

The debate will be held in the central event space of the exhibition, in an intimate forum aimed at encouraging strong participation.

Tony Fretton is principal director at Tony Fretton Architects in London. He is editor of 'Modernity and Reinvention: The Architecture of James Gowan'. He is currently visiting professor at ETH Zurich, and has taught previously at Harvard Graduate School of Design, the AA and elsewhere.

Sam Jacob is a director at FAT Architects in London. He currently teaches at Yale School of Architecture and the Architectural Association, and writes an architecture and culture blog, 'Strange Harvest.'

Kieran Long is an architecture journalist, critic and teacher in London. He is currently architecture critic for the Evening Standard and recently reviewed the Tate Britain's James Stirling's retrospective, "Notes From the Archive".

Jessica Reynolds is a director at vPPR Architects, and is co-producer and exhibition designer of the current exhibition at The Architecture Foundation. She trained at Cambridge and Princeton Universities and now teaches at Cardiff University.





Richard Rogers, Mark Darbon, Lennart Grut, Ivan Harbour and Michael Davies, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners 

The Thames Wharf Charitable Trust

J Robert Hillier