Carl Turner Architects installation at MUDE, Lisbon

from 21 April 2011

London based Carl Turner Architects are exhibiting at MUDE - the Design and Fashion Museum of Lisbon - as part of ‘New Architects: Portugal_UK' an international exchange programme delivered by the UK's cultural relations agency The British Council, in collaboration with The Architecture Foundation, Ordem Dos Arquitectos and MUDE.

About the exhibition

Carl Turner Architects proposal entitled "Home from Home", draws upon notions of British domestic language to produce an installation that encourages the viewer to engage with the everyday rituals of the home. Here the activities within a house; reading, sleeping, eating, watching TV and playing have been organized so that the inhabitants are presented with an opportunity to live in and experience the ‘British' house.

The proposal encourages learning and play within the MUDE museum setting: adults can engage with the pieces as furniture, children as spaces for exploration and experimentation, as well as becoming a vehicle for displaying information on British housing (publications, sound and film). Quintessentially British components - a teacup, hot water bottle, umbrella - are displayed and explore the small, subtle differences between ordinary objects in Britain and Portugal to question what makes a home a home.

The New Architects: Portugal_UK exchange, the latest in an ongoing Architecture Foundation-initiated series of international programmes for young architects, was developed in response to the 2010 Lisbon Architecture Triennale, with the theme ‘Lets talk about houses'.

After an exchange between the shortlisted UK and Portuguese practices in 2010, which involved intensive workshops, public presentations, networking and research events, 2011 will see a practice from each of the exchanges selected to act as ambassador for the architectural scenes in their respective countries.

Programme partners

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British Council |

Photo credit: Carlos Porfirio

In Partnership with

Ordem dos Arquitectos 

British Council