The (Temporary) Museum of Stratford

26 June - 1 August 2010

A combination of artefacts, artworks and more will occupy the unlikely site of a disused lobby in the singular Stratford Shopping Centre, creating a fragmentary window into the past and future, amongst the shop-fronts of the present, and examining the layers of ongoing and extreme change in this dynamic slice of the city.

The exhibition will be open to the public in an expanded capacity, on the LFA High St 2012 weekend, before existing as a vitrine display for the remainder of its duration.

Featuring contributions from and by: Lara Almarcegui; Bowden Ide Curved Glass; Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montréal; Lindsay Collier at Lea Valley Experience; Peter Cusack; Juliet Davis; Marion Davies; Lara Gibson at Design for London; Mia Frostner and Paul Tisdell at Europa; Michael Brundle at FH Brundle & Son; Stephen Gill; Lance Forman at H. Forman & Son; John Holden; Ian Carroll and Tim Shadla-Hall at the UCL Institute of Archaeology, Stephen Albert at Pidgeon Digital, Richard Durack and Jenni Munro-Collins at Newham Archives and Local Studies Library; Paul Pert and Tom McAllister at Newham Heritage Service; Jason Orton; Carol and Dave Richards at the Parish of St. John’s Church, Stratford; Andrew Parry; Debra Rapp; Murray Melvin and Karen Fisher at the Theatre Royal Stratford East Archives; Mark Saunders at Spectacle Archives, Pippa Bradley at Wessex Archaeology.

Curated by: Juliet Davis, Cities Programme LSE, in collaboration with The Architecture Foundation.
Exhibition design and graphics by: Europa

For more information please visit the LFA website.

Curated by Juliet Davis, L.S.E, in collaboration with The Architecture Foundation. Exhibition design and graphics by Europa. Supported by London Borough of Newham, Design for London, and Land Securities.