Winter Nights New York: Architecture in Formation

6 February 2008

  • Espasso NYC

Architecture in Formation is a young, emerging architecture and design firm based in New York. Founded in 2001 by Matthew Bremer, the practice's name underscores the importance of the process of "making" within the discipline of architecture. While strong conceptual convictions underlie each project, their portfolio does not seek to be overly theoretical. Instead they seek to understand the appropriate relationship between a work and its expanded physical and cultural context, allowing for thoughtful and innovative spatial, material, and detail development. A good amount of built-work has emerged; conceptually rigorous, well-crafted structures; leading them to be named as one of the American Institute of Architects' "New Practice / New York" 2006 winners. 

Chaired by Stephen Witherford, Witherford Watson Mann Architects.