Summer Nights

in conversation with Silvia Ullmayer
18 July 2007

Born in 1929, in Utice, New York, Neave Brown settled permanently in England in 1945. His career has been dominated by the design of housing, not just in the UK but also in Italy and the Netherlands. His best-known project is the Grade-2 listed Alexandra Road estate in Camden. Completed in 1978 it accommodates 520 apartments, a school, community centre, youth club and public park.

Silvia Ullmayer is a partner in Ullmayer Sylvester, best known for their summerhouse and Whatcott's Yard development. Whatcott's Yard is a terrace of three houses built by three different architects for their own occupation. As such it bears comparison with the short terrace of houses that Neave built in 1963 for himself, Michael and Patty Hopkins and Ed Jones.