Summer Nights 2007: AF Gold

Britain has now embarked on a programme of urban development of a scale unseen since the nineteen sixties.  This series of four lectures, which includes Neave Brown in conversation with Silvia Ullmayer, Isi Metzstein in conversation with Charlie Sutherland and Charlie Hussey, Derek Walker in conversation with Geoff Shearcroft and Geoffrey Darke in conversation with Alex Ely and Michael Howe, was intended to test the aspirations of those who are undertaking this new work against the experiences of the architects that built post-war Britain. Each evening offered a pairing of a young practitioner and an older architect. These conversations across the generation gap promised to cast a light both on the achievements of the post-war years and on the tasks that lie ahead.

This special series of Summer Nights was curated with Ellis Woodman.

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