Neutral: Moving Space

Neutral is a practice which has changed the way architecture is perceived without actually designing buildings. Their films and images communicate buildings that are not yet built, or else places partly already known. In both cases they encourage you to go beyond first impressions, suggesting that there is more to these imaginary and real places than meets the eye. The AF were very pleased to be able to present their imagery in three dimensions at the Yard Gallery in autumn 2007, along with a selection of video animations for designs by Zaha Hadid, Herzog & de Meuron and others, in the new exhibition Moving Space.


Highlighting the extent of the studio's art based projects, Moving Space premiered a new video installation that simulated an infinitely ascending elevator journey. A hyper-real urbanity was abstracted it an imaginative blur of colour, allowing the viewer to use their imagination to interpret the space. Reacting to the growth of cities such as Dubai and Shanghai, Upright explored timely ideas of moving vertically through cities that are expanding upwards.



Founded in 1998 by Christian Grou and Tapio Snellman, Neutral has developed a portfolio of architecture animations through commissions from a number of international architects to visualise projects, from buildings to urban masterplans. Integrating digitally rendered environments with real footage, the films both brought to life the imaginations of these space makers and also offered the viewer an unexpected, beyond-reality experience of buildings they may already know, such as the Whitechapel Idea Store by Adjaye Associates, or a 3D exploration of Herzog & de Mueron's Allianz Arena in Munich. These films had been seen as part of presentations about the architecture they were commissioned to depict. At the Yard these pieces were shown as independent expression of creativity.



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