Blueprint for London

20 March - 5 April 2007

London's great challenge in the 21st century will be to maintain the balance between continuity and change that makes it the world's most dynamic city. It must be alive to its history without becoming a museum piece, and open to its future without traducing its identity. And it must do this without dulling its natural anarchy - that unplanned, chaotic beauty which defines the city's character. To this end the capital needed a blueprint that didn't dictate terms, that opened debate. In this spirit, The Architecture Foundation and GQ Style invited five of London's most dynamic architectural practices to re-imagine the city of the future. This tomorrow as it could be included Future Heat (Tomas Klassnik), Inside Out (Witherford Watson Mann), Turbine Tomorrow (Marks Barfield), Post-Plastic (AOC) and Space Resolution (Newbetter).


Images, from above to bottom: Tomas Klassnik, Marks Barfield, AOC


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