Venice SuperBlog

6 September - 19 November 2006

The Architecture Foundation, in collaboration with The Museum of Modern Art's Department of Architecture and Design hosted the Venice SuperBlog from the Venice Biennale's 10th International Architecture Exhibition. It broadcasted from the Italian Pavilion at the heart of the Biennale's Giardini, acting as a portal between the Biennale and the world. It was an exciting forum for the exchange of ideas and insider information with contributions from some of the world's leading architects, critics and curators.

Venice SuperBlog included reviews of the pavilions and exhibits, the insights, visions and passions of architects and critics, and was a forum for visitors to the Biennale to add their thoughts and comments. It contained the first footage of the Biennale, along with exclusive interviews with Norman Foster, Jacques Herzog, Toyo Ito, Rem Koolhaas and Ricky Burdett.

Sponsored by:

Manhattan Loft Corporation

Sheppard Robson