Real Architecture 2003

10 September - 10 December 2003

  • Leaflet design

A series of high profile lectures by the world's leading architects, staged in some of London's most noteworthy historical landmarks, Real Architecture was launched by the Architecture Foundation in 2003 as a series of events programmed to present architecture in its purest form, cutting through associations, jargons and preconceptions to work towards a new global language for the understanding and development of new architectural concepts.

Real Architecture was a platform for leading architects to present a major project nearing completion, a chance for the general public to put their questions to today's architectural visionaries, and a forum for members of the profession and the wider cultural sector to debate meaningful issues concerning the current state and future shape of architecture. It aimed to define new methodologies for the future of architecture and to explore individual's visions, creating synergies between different practices and people and identifying new trends and concepts.