A Car-free London?

1 April - 31 May 1999

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  • London Overground: Competition winner (see Resources for high res)
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  • Reconnect: competition winner (see Resources for high res)
  • Project Summary Report (a copy is available at the AF)

In 1998, an initiative to explore the theme A Car-Free London? began. The project took the form of an open ideas competition and invited everyone from school children to professionals to consider how to move goods and people around London, and make creative use of the space freed up as a result. After 1000 enquiries and 200 submissions, five winning ideas were selected.

These included, Londonet, Reconnet, London Overground, Desire is the Site and Street Life Task Force.

Londonet: Londonet is an on-line interactive kiosk giving access to information about services. It exploits technology to create a virtual infrastucture to make local amenities and transport more accessible. Design Team: Alistair Jeffs, Matt Jones, Angus Keith, Stefan Magdalinski, Ross Sleight, Martin Storey, Bettina Walter, Andrew Wanliss-Orlebar.

Reconnect: To connect the city east-west a dramatic suspended cycle deck is proposed along the South Bank, while the north-south route is opened up by way of 'greening' Hyde Park Corner. Design Team: Peter Fink, Igor Marko.

London Overground: A new infrastructure for sustainable travel into and around town illustrates how London could be transformer into a 'living city'. Tram routes, electric buses, fuel cell taxis, river ferries and fan assisted cycle tubes provide easy access to all amenities. By eliminating private cars from the centre, city space will be reclaimed for people not congestion. Design Team: Michael Pawlyn, Kelly Hill.

Desire is the Site:  How can alternative modes of transport be made desirable? How can the edges of inner London be made to feel safe? The 'Loop' is proposed - a 24-hour tram with a bar on board - which joins all of the major stations. The area around Paddington Station is studied in detail and a new set of possibilities unfolded into the public realm. Design Team: muf architecture/art - Juliet Bidgood, Annette Hafner.

Street Life Task Force: SLiTaF declare that from 1st August 1999 cars will be excluded from Central London. Workshops have been held engaging residents and school children in discussions about their dreams and desires for a fresh interpretation of London Streets. Design team: Martin Waters, Markus Lemanski, with East Archietcts

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