A Car-Free London? Ideas Competition

14 September 1998 - 8 February 1999

  • The exhibition at The Architecture Foundation
  • Concept by Christopher Dukes (see more Ideas Boards in Resources)
  • A visual for a cycle express way along the Thames
  • London Overground by Michael Pawlyn & Kelly Hill
  • Trevor Phillips MP speaking at the exhibition opening
  • The anti-car movement in action, photo by Robert Fisk
  • Public of all ages in the creative process
  • The ideas posts in the exhibition
  • Exhibition publicity with Trevor Philips MP
  • Alternative transport in motion

A Car-Free London? Ideas Competition was co-ordinated by The Architecture Foundation, in association with the Green Alliance and the Pedestrians Association. The competition was part of a broader initiative, which sought to explore and influence the options for London's future transport and to engage all Londoners in a public debate. Other elements of the initiative included an exhibition and a symposium.

This ideas competition was open to everyone. It invited people to think forward some twenty years and considered two key issues:

1) How could a radical reduction in car and lorry usage in centre London be achieved? What changes in transport, land-use and communications would be needed to reduce, or even remove motorised traffic while allowing people to live, work, learn, shop and be entertained in the city? What effect would traffic reduction have on the quality of life in central London, particularly with respect to health, safety and crime?

2) What could be done with the space and other resources freed up by the reduction/removal of central London's car traffic? What imaginative uses could be made of redundant roads, parking spaces and other transportation infrastructure?

Jury: Maurice Bennett, Richard Bennett, Nicholas Grimshaw CBE, Tony Ridley, Jon Snow, and Lynn Slowman.

The initiative was endorsed by: Council for Protection of Rural England, Friends of the Earth, London Cycling Campaign, London Planning Advisory Committee, London Tourist, London Transport, London Transport Museum, TDI Advertising, Transport 2000

Graphic design by Andrew Beattie, Wordsearch Communications.

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