London Interactive

24 November 1997 - 31 March 1998

  • The exhibition floorplan
  • The exhibition at The Architecture Foundation
  • The exhibition at The Architecture Foundation
  • An installation at the exhibition
  • Topographic of London
  • The exhibition at The Architecture Foundation
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London Interactive, the first ever interactive model of London, was developed by The Architecture Foundation and Hayes Davidson, and was launched in November 1997 by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Rt. Hon Chris Smith MP.

Hayes Davidson created a multi-layered digital model based on aerial and satellite photography, transforming the AF gallery space into a public gateway to information on London. The public and experts could access information on projects, initiatives, buildings, transport and areas of potential development via a series of interactive computer terminals. This was intended as a point around which architects, politicians, artists and town planners would come together to brainstorm the future of London in 3D, and acted as a platform for a number of exhibitions.

In association with
Hayes Davidson

Supported by

Blackburn Associates
Chapman Taylor Partners
Groupe Chez Gerard
Hurley Robertson and Associates Architects
Anthony Judd
Leslie Jones
Sir Robert McAlpine
Pelham Partners
Pell Frischmann Group
David Rolfe
Wildgoose Publications
WT Partnership