The State of London: Changing London for Good

12 July 1996

  • Andreas Whittam Smith

The culmination of the 'London in the 21st Century' public forum debates in 1996 was a one-day symposium at the Guildhall. It brought together London's key decision makers to consider the contributions and findings of the debates and to identify a number of practical proposals to improve London's built environment. The symposium formed the basis of an hour-long television documentary produced by Carlton and The Architecture Foundation's Manifesto for London published early the following year.

Participants included:

the Prince of Wales (by video)
Simon Jenkins (The Times)
Herbert Giradet (environment expert)
Tessa Tennane (NPI Global Care Investments)
Will Alsop (Alsop Architects)
Richard Rogers (Richard Rogers Partnership)
Tim Mars (Civic Trust)
Kath Shonfield (Southbank University)
Piers Gough (CZWG)
Richard Sennett (New York University)
Andreas Whittam Smith (The Independent)

Sponsored by

The Evening Standard
The Corporation of London
Carlton Television