London in the 21st Century: The Potential of the Thames - A New Heart for London

14 February 1996

  • Simon Hughes MP
  • Simon Hughes MP
  • Trevor Phillips, Chair
  • Trevor Phillips, Chair
  • Paul Finch, Architects Journal

After a long period of neglect, the role of the Thames river as one of London’s major civic resources was being addressed. Exciting new proposals for bridges, floating islands and esplanades had been put forward in the context of the Government’s new Thames Initiative. What did Londoners want from the Thames?

Order of discussion, chaired by Trevor Phillips:

George Nicholson (Chairman, London Rivers Association)
The Thames as a Natural Wilderness,

David Jeffrey (Chief Executive, Port of London Authority)
What the River is and How it Functions

Terence Conran (designer, developer, restauranteur)
Butlers Wharf and Greenwhich's Millenial Potential of Regeneration

Simon Hughes MP
The Thames is Under Utilised 

Piers Gough, (Architect, CZWG),
The Thames Should be Exploited Only for the Public

Summary by Paul Finch (Editor, The Architects' Journal) 


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