London in the 21st Century: : London’s Future

17 April 1996

  • The panel, L-R: Norman Foster, Pasqual Maragall, Stuart Hampson, Peter Hall, Simon Jenkins, Tony Blair, Richard Rogers
  • Simon Jenkins and Tony Blair MP
  • Simon Jenkins and Tony Blair MP
  • Norman Foster
  • Stuart Hampson
  • Pasqual Maragall
  • Simon Jenkins

What were the priorities of Londoners in the run-up to the Millennium? What role should planning and the built environment play in its future? Did Londoners believe in a mixed-use city, where people live, work and play in the same area? Should we stop the spread of London? How would the requirements of a free-market economy and the competitiveness of a world city be affected?

It was in this influential debate, that Tony Blair would announce his pledge to hold a referendum for a Mayor for London. 

Participants Included:

Rt. Hon Tony Blair (then Leader of the Opposition)
Pasqual Maragall (Mayor of Barcelona)
Norman Foster (Foster and Partners)
Richard Rogers (Richard Rogers Partnership)
Stuart Hampson (John Lewis Partnership)
Prof. Peter Hall (urban planner).

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