Public Views 1: Purity and Tolerance

7 - 17 September 1995

  • Exhibition photo accompanying Architect's Journal feature
  • Installation at exhibition opening
  • Window text
  • Installing the exhibition

For the exhibition Purity and Tolerance, muf installed a suspended ceiling system, fabricated from shiny latex, which mirrored the contours of the space it covered. They then manipulated the material to make it appear as though there had been a leakage, forming a bulge that made the viewer both vulnerable and transgressive upon entering the space.

The exhibition also contained video images that both reinforced and challenged the idea of the truth of materials, as well as text (on the gallery windows), extracted from Katherine Shonfileds's essay Purity and Tolerance, relating to the failure of buildings to tolerate the presence of liquid.

muf: Katherine Schonfield, Liza Fior, Juliette Bidgood, Katherine Clarke.
Text on Windows: Katrin Dzenus, Tracy Chapman.