Architects Down Under: Contemporary Australian Architecture

10 November - 14 January 1996

  • The original exhibition in Sydney Public Library
  • The original exhibition in Sydney Public Library
  • Ball House (1981-83), Glenore by Glenn Murcutt Architects
  • Newman House (1988-89), Balgownie by James Grose Architects
  • Sydney Exhibition Centre (1984-88), Darling Harbour by Philip Cox, Richardson, Taylor & Partners
  • Gloster House (1983-4), Noosa Heads by Gabriel Poole Architects
  • Parliament House (1981-88), Canberra by Mitchell/Giurgola & Thorp Architects
  • Krytsis House (1988-91), Eaglemont by Wood/Marsh Architecture
  • Mowbray College (1983-92), Melton by Norman Day Architects

A travelling exhibition, originating from the Sydney Public Library, Australia. The show documented nearly 40 buildings erected throughout Australia since 1975, a period that has been referred to as the renaissance of Australian architecture.

The exhibition included houses, sports complexes and municipal buildings designed by Arata IsolzakiGlenn Murcutt, Romaldo Giurgola, Philip Cox and a generation of talented and versatile Australian-born architects.

American photographer Scott Frances was commissioned to document the featured projects, over a 12 month period, his photographs, alongside plans and design sketches, comprised the exhibition.