Croydon: The Future – Conference

Wed 29 September 1993

  • A nightime lighting installation by Imagination

This conference launched the Croydon: The Future exhibition staged by The Architecture Foundation and Croydon City Council.

Speakers at the conference and topics included:

Lord Weatherill (Chairman)
Welcoming address
Councillor Sir Peter Bowness, Leader, Croydon Council
Conference opening
The Honourable Rhiannon Chapman, Director, The Industrial Society
Strategies for Growth Through Partnership
Stuart Lipton, Chief Executive, Stanhope Properties pLc - Urban Renewal and Creating the Right Environment for Business
Ricky Burdett, Director, The Architecture Foundation
Henri Veyess, Director, Transgev Group
Transportation and Communications for a European City
Lord Weatherill (Chairman)
Welcoming address / Chairman's Summing Up of the Morning Session
Sir John Harvey-Jones MBE
Keynote Address: Public Private Partnership to Achieve Change
Question Time:
Debate with Ricky Burdett, The Honourable Rhiannon Chapman, Sir John Harvey-Jones MBE and Dr Mark Hepworth, chaired by Roz Morris
David Wechsler, Chief Executive, Croydon Council
Concluding Address: Working Together for Croydon's Future

Proceedings from the conference are available to view and download at the Resources tab.