Hans Döllgast: Conservation and Modernism

16 October - 10 November 1991

  • Exhibition programme (see Resources for document in full)

Though little known outside Germany, Hans Döllgast was one of the most significant architects in southern Germany after the World War II. His extensive body of built work – including churches and public buildings – showed a modern and highly sensitive approach to conservation, particularly in his renovation of the bomb-damaged Pinakotheke in Munich. In that project of the 1950s, Döllgast employed contemporary craftsmen using traditional materials to respond to the 19th century masterpiece without resorting to imitation or historical nostalgia.

The exhibition, featuring photographs, models and drawings – was curated by Bernard Blauel and organised by the Technical University of Munich, and proved of particular interest and relevance to London, where intervention within a traditional urban fabric continues to prove often problematic and controversial.