Western Australia

A new series featuring architects working in and around the city of Perth, Western Australia.

Western Australia


In the latest online series addressing the development of particular cities and regions, the Architecture Foundation presents three films focussed on practices working in and around Perth, Western Australia. The films explore a range of projects from public realm interventions to suburban house extentions, unpicking the methods and process' used by practitioners in the region. 


Penhale and Winter present a series of projects, including the Limestone Circle in collaboration with Kieran Murnane (2019). The project is a thick ring of limestone taking its position in Manjaree/ Authur Head where a significant rocky outcrop once extended. The horizontal composition gathers and binds the surrounding context, connecting the heritage limestone walls of the former Kerosene Store and Commissariat Building with the timeworn and quarried headland beyond. An existing concrete bench, marking the former location of a transit shed, interrupt the circle’s geometry, acting as a bridge and providing a crossover into the interior.

Image: Julian Croudace 

Beth George speaks about her project ' Reed House'. The project sets out to capture two sets of ‘memories’ – one, the logic and beauty of a residual 1908 house, and the other an evocative spatial atmosphere for the clients and their four daughters. The design extends the original hallway axis into an exterior walkway bordered by new living spaces: a visual corridor whose third ‘wall’ is tumbling acacias.

Photo: Ben Hosking

Kieran Murnane talks through his research about the suburban landscape, how they are changing and ideas for how architectural practice can respond. The film focusses on the densification of suburbia and challenging the existing models, to instead produce an architecture that gives space for the ecological landscape to take precedent.  


The films can be viewed on the Architecture Foundation's Youtube Channel