Scaffold Episodes 89/90: Tony Fretton

In this two-part interview, Tony Fretton looks back on the projects and ideas that have defined his career and influenced a generation of architects.

Tony Fretton founded his eponymous architecture practice in 1982. His early work in London, including the Lisson Gallery (1986-1992), was influential in defining a new approach to architecture focused on urban context and daily life. This is the first of a two-part interview. 

“By the time I graduated [in the 1970s], London was completely different. It wasn’t opulent, it was poor, and punk was an attitude that accepted the nihilism of the state and of the city. All those songs by the Sex Pistols, they rang true, they weren’t just inventions. Punk was really important to me - punks were ethical, they had an idea of the world and it was about make and mend, about living in the margins, and that was the background from which I developed my practice.” – TF

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