Scaffold Episode 88: Luke Jones and George Gingell (About Buildings + Cities)

The hosts of the podcast About Buildings + Cities offer deep cuts on the buildings and architects that are both over-exposed and under-appreciated today.

Luke Jones and George Gingell began airing the podcast About Buidlings + Cities in 2016, which has become a popular source of architectural history told differently, eschewing recieved wisdom in place of direct experience. 

"We’re interested in getting into things that are obscure [in architectural history], but we’re also interested in looking at things that are super obvious. […] Taking Gaudi for example, he’s the world’s favourite architect, and he’s also curiously elusive and totally unfashionable - like kitch embarrassing tea-towel stuff. At the same time, he is such a strange and virtuosic designer. We’re interested in trying to make sense of that thing that seems so obvious it’s almost embarrassing to talk about."

Scaffold is a podcast series featuring interviews with architects, artists and designers. Hosted by Matthew Blunderfield and produced by the Architecture Foundation, it is available on Apple PodcastsSpotify, and most major podcast streaming platforms.

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