Scaffold Episode 84: Robin Winogrond

The landscape architect discusses the re-enchantment of urban peripheries.

Robin Winogrond, landscape architect and urban designer, is co-founder of Studio Vulkan Landscape Architecture, in Zurich, Switzerland, and in 2020 began her own eponymous practice. Her work has won international competitions and prizes, most notably the recently completed Zurich Airport Park, and she participates internationally on projects, juries, lecturing, publishing and teaching, having most recently taught at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design from 2019-2021. 

Winogrond works on a wide variety of scales and themes, with a focus on built works as well as large-scale open space and urban design schemes, and site-specific installations. Her work, at once atmospheric and pragmatic in nature, seeks to design but also build powerful experiences of slippery matters such as atmosphere, imagination, the psychology of social space, multifaceted identity of place, and embodied experience. Combining these with the pragmatic nature of building, the projects search to understand and interpret the diverse demands, contradictions and countervailing expectations of the contemporary landscape, especially on the increasingly banal urban periphery, using this productive tension as a driver for developing innovative and experimental design strategies that interpret the conditions of the site and its users.

"I try to never look at what I expect to see, but to see in a raw way, in an uninformed way, I try to read space and atmospheres in the most unschooled way I can, to soak up as much knowledge as I can." – RW


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