Scaffold Episode 49: Esther Choi

This week's Scaffold Podcast is an interview with Esther Choi, a New York-based multidisciplinary artist and writer.

Esther Choi is a New York-based multidisciplinary artist and writer trained in photography as well as architectural history and theory. She is the founder of Office Hours, an advice network for BIPOC designers, and is the author most recently of Le Corbuffet - an artist's book in the form of a cookbook that uses food as a medium to explore how cultural canons are consumed and reproduced. 

“[In Le Corbuffet] I was trying to experiment with whether or not you could introduce a critical message into a circulation network that was unsuspecting, which is why the idea of “soft power” is so interesting to me […] We’re used to negational critique, and that’s been the predominant axis by which we talk about critique in architecture and art […] But you can also introduce challenging or political ideas through seduction, or pleasure, or sensation, which is what a lot of architects from the 1960’s did.”

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