Scaffold Episode 42: Chris Dorley Brown

This week's Scaffold Podcast is an interview with photographer Chris Dorley Brown.

This episode of Scaffold is an interview with Chris Dorley Brown, a photographer living and working in London.

I suspect that [I’m documenting] what you might call the last days of the civil contract between state and people. I get worried that the post war optimism […] exemplified by architecture - I’m talking about public buildings and public spaces that are built for no other reason than to help us, maybe a library or a block of flats, they weren’t put there for any particular profit or gain – that’s the contract that I feel I’m witnessing the end of. There’s been a breach somewhere along the line, and I spend my days looking for the remnants of it still in existence.

You can view Chris Dorley Brown's work on his website

From Continuum (Returning time and again to a series of east London locations, the photograph is re-made and re-created with precise attention to detail)

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