Planning Hamburg: Ideas, Projects and Plans

Hamburg is growing. Germany's largest port city is gearing up for a population of around two million by the year 2030. What direction should Hamburg’s development take? What highlights will we see in the future?

Addressing the development of particular cities, the Architecture Foundation presents a series of films focussed on the German city of Hamburg. The season, which has been developed with support from the Fritz-Schumacher-Gesellschaft e.V. and the City of Hamburg, will comprise films about recent buildings in Hamburg as well as issues of city-wide concern.

In the latest video, Hamburg's chief urban planner Franz-Josef Höing and a selection of other urban planners and designers present ideas, projects and plans happening across the city. As Hamburg gears up to a population of nearly 2 million, there is a new focus on the city's periphery and the urban spaces along the Magistralen, the main road arteries and post-war modernist housing estates; all undergoing an upgrade to retain quality, increase affordable housing and facilitate modern workplaces.  



City Map


Each of the featured buildings will be added to an interactive map of the city, with each tag linked to the architect's presentation. The films will be released over the course of the next three months, and all will remain freely available on the Architecture Foundation's YouTube channel