How to make a Megacrit

No nonsense guide on how to create an inter-school day of crits

For two years the Architecture Foundation has been partnering with architecture schools to create experimental Megacrits, inter-school day-long events at which students and tutors and share and critique their work across institutional boundaries. 

We've found Megacrits to be a consistently rewarding, surprising and adventurous project in which the simple opportunity for students to see and speak with students from different schools mid-term can shed new light on their own work. The format of the Megacrits we've worked on has varied wildly from student-led roundtable discussions to epic pin-ups with special guests to simultaneous crits dispersed around the studios of London-based practices.

If we've discovered a consistent theme it is that the best Megacrits happen when schools take the lead, inviting participants curating themes, juggling logistics and imbuing the events with their values and pedagogy. So today we've launched this simple guide to creating a great Megacrit. It's a simple template distilling two years of experience with a huge number of architecture schools and is intended as a model to adapt, mutate and develop in relation to any school's educational attitude. 

Thank you so all the schools who have participated in Megacrits over the last two years and helped create this guide. If you are interested in creating a Megacrit at your school, you now should have everything you need here but if you do need some support don't hesitate to get in touch.