Cities: Bordeaux

The Architecture Foundation in partnership with en rêve centre d'architecture launches a new online series focusing on the city of Bordeaux.

Addressing the development of particular cities, the Architecture Foundation presents a series of films focussed on the French city of Bordeaux. The season, which has been developed in collaboration with en rêve centre d'architecture, will comprise films about recent buildings in Bordeaux as well as issues of city-wide concern.

Claveau Housing by Fabre/ de Marien

One of the first films features the studio Fabre/ de Marien discussing their project 'Claveau Housing'. The project comprises of 14 collective housing units in the north of Bordeaux; slotting quietly into the existing city fabric and rich ecological landscape of the site. The homes have both access to the garden of the city and small terraces that offers more private outdoor space.


Locus Solus - Eo

Eo, a Bordeaux based practice, discusses their social housing project, Locus Solus. The site sits on the north-western edge of the Grand-Parc district and evolved out of a participatory process of engagement with the tenants of the housing. With the idea of 'play' at its core, the arrangement of the site allowed of all the existing activities to be retained and a new urban farm for the residents.


Frida Kahlo School - Compagnie Architecture

Compagnie Architecture, based in Bordeaux, discuss the Frida Kahlo School project. The Frida Kahlo School is in Bruges, a city a few kilometres from Bordeaux. The project had three objectives; creation of an innovative school, achieving a E4C2 environmental standard and the inclusion of a varied programme. Using Felix Guattari's theory of the ecosophy and the 'three ecologies', the project is built within its means, focuses on ideas of communality and reconnects the user with nature.

Ville De Parempuyre - Esnard Sanz

The Bordeaux based practice, Esnard Sanz present their project 'Parempuyre Associations House', located in Parempuyre along rue des palus, in an historic swamp landscape. The project is a mixed use civic centre, with coworking spaces and meeting spaces, then adjoining the museum of veterans. It is designed to be flexible and 'mutate' depending on user needs, growing or subtracting in response to activities within. The structural grid is laid out organically, creating different zones of varying scales within the building. Recessed entrance porches create a threshold between outside and inside, mediating the junction between the new building and its landscape.  

City Map


Each of the featured buildings will be added to an interactive map of the city, with each tag linked to the architect's presentation. The films will be released over the course of the next three months, and all will remain freely available on the Architecture Foundation's YouTube channel