Bordeaux: La Nouvelle Agence, Fabrique Pola

As part of the the Bordeaux video series, La Nouvelle Agence presents their project 'Fabrique Pola', a warehouse retrofit along the Garonne River.

La Nouvelle Agence, Fabrique Pola


Addressing the development of particular cities, the Architecture Foundation presents a series of films focussed on the French city of Bordeaux. The season, which has been developed in collaboration with en rêve centre d'architecture, will comprise films about recent buildings in Bordeaux as well as issues of city-wide concern.

The Bordeaux based practice, La Nouvelle Agence, walk presented their project 'Fabrique Pola' which sits along the Garonne River as part of the online series. The project comprises of the retrofit of warehouse and small tower at the end of the site. By stripping the warehouse to its shell, a series of workshops, offices and communal spaces were added using lightweight timber modules. Large glazed doors punch through the existing skin of the warehouses, opening up the internal areas to the generous landscaping beyond.

Demonstrating a efficient and economical approach to retrofit, La Nouvelle Agence, show how with minimal resources, simple structures can be transformed into lively and characterful civic centres. 




City Map


Each of the featured buildings in the series is located on an interactive map of the city, with each tag linked to the architect's presentation. The films are freely available on the Architecture Foundation's YouTube channel