Who'd be a Young Architect?

Irish and UK architects compare experiences from the start of their careers in a conversation asking if now is a good time to be ‘young’ in architecture.

The recent nomination of Assemble for the Turner Prize represents a vote of confidence in the talents of young practices. However, their 18-strong team of equal partners, their reliance on self-build and their large studio space in Stratford which they rent out to subsidise design work are indicative of a markedly untypical business model. Another celebrated young firm Architecture 00 who scooped the RIBA London Building of the Year prize run an equally unconventional model, their practice forming one of a family of businesses including WikiHouse, OpenDesk and the Impact Hub Network.

Are the unusual structures behind these plaudit-winning design firms examples of remarkable people thriving in an economy which welcomes innovation or young designers being forced to break conventions just to stay afloat?

Meanwhile in Ireland architectural education is said to produce graduates with the mix of competence and compassion sometimes felt to be lacking in British schools. Does the mounting momentum of Irish architecture stem from a culture better equipped to nurture young talent?

This panel discussion will look at the new ways young architects in the UK and Ireland work, if it is possible to identify a specific condition of being ‘young’ in architecture and how the preoccupations of young architects differ from previous generations. 



Full panel

Andrew Clancy is a Director of Clancy Moore Architects, one of the designers of the Red Pavilion in which this discussion is hosted.

Alastair Hall is a Director partner at Hall McKnight, designers of the nearby Yellow Pavilion.

Je Ahn is a Director of London-based Studio Weave. He has worked around the UK and recently in Ireland.

Vicky Richardson is Director of Architecture, Design, Fashion, British Council.

Ellis Woodman is Director of the Architecture Foundation.

Nathalie Weadick is Director of the Irish Architecture Foundation.


When: 4 June, 6pm
Where: Red Pavilion, Lewis Cubbitt Square, Kings Cross, London. N1C 4UZ
Tickets: free but spaces are limited. To book please click here

Organised by British Council in association with Architecture Foundation and Irish Architecture Foundation.