Rare copy of the 1968 BBC documentary Towards Tomorrow: A Utopia unearthed for July's edition of Architecture on Film

The Architecture Foundation is delighted to announce that it will now be screening excerpts from a rare copy of the 1968 BBC documentary Towards Tomorrow: A Utopia, alongside the UK premiere of Joan Grossman's Drop City, in an evening exploring the mythology of the legendary countercultural settlement of the same name. The screening takes place on 9 July as part of the AF's celebrated Architecture on Film series at the Barbican Centre.

The series Towards Tomorrow ran on the BBC from 1967 to 1969, investigating scientific and technological developments and their influence on possible futures. The episode A Utopia takes a keen look at the possibility for utopia on earth, and concludes with a portrait of Drop City as a model of alternative living. Shot just three years after the founding of the commune, the footage provides an invaluable insight into the life and motivations of the world's first hippie commune. With thanks to the BFI, we have been able to bring excerpts of the documentary to the screen.

The screening also acts in dialogue with our current exhibition, InsideFlows.

Full information on the screening can be found here.

Purchase your tickets now to avoid disappointment.

Image: Towards Tomorrow: A Utopia, courtesy BBC