Croydon Urban Pioneers: creative workshops begin

The AF's Croydon Urban Pioneers education programme launched this week with the first of a series of ten creative workshops. The Pioneers - a group of local students aged 16 to 19 - met with architect and planner Vincent Lacovara of Croydon Council (and AOC) for a walk of the ‘seven hills of Croydon’, otherwise known as its seven multi-storey car parks.

Each of the workshops will contribute to a publication documenting both Croydon's built environment and the students’ reflections on it, a new edition of cult magazine The Suburban Press. The Suburban Press was first created at Croydon College in the late 1960s by Malcolm McLaren (former manager of the Sex Pistols), and artist Jamie Reid. Through the Croydon Urban Pioneers programme The AF will bring the magazine back to the college by collaborating with current BA Graphic Design students.

Sponsored by renowned architecture practice Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, the Urban Pioneers engages teams of young people in areas undergoing significant change, empowering them to critically explore the transformations happening around them, building up a body of work showing a narrative of a place in flux. We are also delighted to announce that The Croydon Urban Pioneers programme is additionally sponsored by Westfield and Hammerson, who recently announced that they have entered into a joint venture to redevelop the retail centre of Croydon.

Upcoming workshops leaders will include Preston is my Paris, Tom Mower, Bob Stanley from Saint Etienne, The Decorators and Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners amongst others.

To keep up-to-date with the Pioneers and their latest adventures visit the dedicated Croydon Urban Pioneers blog.

Image: Walking tour of the ‘seven hills of Croydon', courtesy The AF