Three Little Worlds Final Days: Artist Rachel Pimm Becomes the Installation's Last Tenant

To mark the final days of Jimenez Lai's critically acclaimed installation Bureau Spectacular: Three Little Worlds, artist Rachel Pimm has taken up a final residence within the cartoonish metropolis.

Becoming a tenant of Three Little World’s abstracted hotel of ‘super-furniture’ Pimm will explore the mutable meanings, lifestyles and characters architectural environments can prompt and frame, culminating in The Tower of Babble – a public performance expanding on the idea of living as performance and architecture as a stage set, 23 August, 7pm (drinks from 6.30pm).

Join us for this unique performance and witness Pimm and a team of actors activate the space using improvised spoken word, translating and inhabiting the fictional narrative of the exhibition in and amongst the audience.

Free, with prior RSVP to RSVP essential due to limited capacity.

Pimms' residency in Bureau Spectacular’s installation adds to the artist's cumulative live-work project – titled Portfolio both in terms of occupied real estate and the production of an artistic practice. The real-world locations that Rachel has temporarily inhabited are rendered in google sketch-up and collated cumulatively online at where they are left floating autonomously like a virtual campsite of non-homes.

Bureau Spectacular: Three Little Worlds closes this Saturday 25 August, 6pm.