The 5th IABR Now Open!

The 5th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam opened last Thursday, 19 April, amid widespread interest.

How do we make city? How do we deploy making city in response to pressing socio-economic and ecological issues? With these questions, the 5th IABR is calling on everyone involved – public officials, policy makers, politicians, designers and citizens – with a message: our future is the future of our cities, so let us actively reconsider the future of cities by joining together in new ways to develop new ways of making city. 

The exciting programme includes eight exhibitions – from ‘Making City,’ a manifesto for the city as opportunity and potential, to the 'Test Sites' Istanbul, Rotterdam, and Sao Paolo – a wide ranging events programme. Visit the IABR website for further programme details.

Ahead of the 5th IABR's opening the AF hosted an evening with Joachim Declerck and Dirk Sijmons, exploring the Biennale’s working methods as both a cultural operator and a platform for research and development. Chaired by Beatrice Galilee, the event focused on one of the key projects of the 5th IABR, Atelier Istanbul, to explore innovative methods for affecting urban change.

A video recording of the event at the AF is available to watch in full here.