Venice Connections

Several key participants in the AF's recent programme hold prominent places in this year's 12th International Architecture Exhibition at the Venice Biennale.

Caruso St John architects and Thomas Demand have unveiled a 1:1 model of their Nagelhouse project in the Kazuyo Sejima curated main exhibition - a work central to Demand and Adam Caruso's discussion at Tate Modern for the Architecture + Art: Crossover & Collaboration series. Their 2009 conversation and preview of the project can be watched online and in full here, on the AF website.

muf are behind this year's British Pavilion, Villa Frankenstein, following on from their insightful contributions to the AF's Legacy Plus symposium in March. muf Co-Director Liza Fior's conversation with atelier d'architecture autogérée and Urban Catalyst on the possibilities of temporary use strategies and the context of the 2012 London Olympics, is archived to watch here, on the AF site.

And finally, we are delighted to announce that 0047 and the International Collection of Potential Architecture will be participating in the Venice Biennale this September, where 0047 will appear in residency as part of the programme, 'At Work With' in the Nordic Pavilion from 7-12 September. In response to this further international platform for the Collection, which will become the focus of a workshop on 11 September, the deadline for new submissions to the collection will be extended to Wednesday 15 September.


Image: Caruso St John and Thomas Demand's Nagelhouse at the Venice Biennale 2010. Photograph courtesy Justin Jaeckle.