100 Day Studio: A Statement of Solidarity

In response to the present crisis, the Architecture Foundation has been delivering the 100 Day Studio, a programme of open-access online content, every weekday since April 6th.  The first three weeks of programming have featured over 30 contributions and attracted more than 8,000 viewers.  The 100 Day Studio will continue to present freely accessible live content until August 27th.

Many of the events programmed to date have been conducted on the digital communication platform, Zoom.  Unfortunately, two of last week’s Zoom meetings were attacked by hackers. The session hosted by RESOLVE Collective on Tuesday 21st April was particularly badly disrupted, ultimately forcing us to terminate the broadcast.  The hackers’ interventions were explicitly racist in nature.  The Architecture Foundation has reported the incident to Zoom and handed over the email addresses of those responsible. 

We would like to take this opportunity to apologise to RESOLVE Collective, their guest speakers and the members of the audience for this deeply unpleasant and unacceptable incident. 

In the light of this event, the Architecture Foundation has reviewed the security measures we employ when scheduling content on Zoom and believe that these new measures will prevent further disruption.  We are grateful to RESOLVE Collective for agreeing to reschedule their terminated event - it will now take place on Tuesday 28 April between 19.00 and 20.00 (GMT+1).

We have been excited to discover that since moving online, the Architecture Foundation programme has attracted a much expanded global audience and are keen that the 100 Day Studio remains as accessible as possible.  Nonetheless, we recognise that this ambition must be checked against our responsibility to provide a safe, inclusive environment for everyone attending our events.  We will endeavour to fulfill that responsibility more effectively in the future.


Ellis Woodman,

Director,  The Architecture Foundation.  26th April 2020