100 Day Studio: Níall McLaughlin Architects: Collective Drawing

On Day 26 of the 100 Day Studio, Niall Mclaughlin Architects hosted an interactive drawing session that sought to enhance the sense of community through audience participation. From the plaster floor drawing of the Ripon Chapel to the “Losing myself” installation at the Venice Biennale, the studio’s practice of collective drawing has always been a sociable and productive activity. As a studio, we were delighted by the prospect of sharing our long-standing tradition of drawing together with a wider audience. The 300 participants that took part were split into 20 Zoom break-out rooms, simultaneously co-hosted by everyone from our studio. Each co-host took the audience on a journey from their individual rooms to their street, to an imagined public space that they designed together, reflective of the physical togetherness that is being missed. The completed drawing was assembled from 20 fragments, which were stitched together, just in time for the weekly Clap for Carers event in the UK. The collective composition was revealed alongside a clapping soundtrack by the composer Kevin Polland, mixed with live sounds coming in from the street.

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