Megacrits 2019

A look at this year's inter-school crits organised by three schools of architecture in association with the Architecture Foundation

Spring is always Megacrits season and this year has been no different; over the past month we have seen Megacrits hosted by the London School of Architecture, the Cass and by the University of Westminster.

LSA - 28 March 2019

LSA Megacrit Flyer

All schools are invited to interpret our Megacrits guide in a way that reflects their teaching and ethos. The LSA varied the format by organising shared crits with students and researchers from architecture and cities related courses whose courses were not necessarily part of the 'traditional' route to professional accreditation. The crits were all held at the offices of AHMM, which provided scope for external critics to come from professional practice.


LSA // LSE Cities // Public Practice

Guest Critics:

Architects from AHMM and Jestico + Whiles

lsa megacrit 2019

Crits were held at AHMM

CASS - 04 April 2019

CASS megacrit flyers

Specially risograph pamphlets designed by MASS and printed at the Cass

The Cass Megacrit was organised by the newly founded student society MASS and incorporated a half day series of crits, an exhibition and evening lecture with Levitt Bernstein. Organised and led by students, the day incorporated 26 students from four different schools of Architecture all looking at the topic of Housing by proposing new models for living, such as mixed-use, co-housing, high density urban blocks and visionary proposals for future rural settlements.

CASS Megacrit - Stephen Blunt

Image credit: Stephen Blunt

CASS Megacrit - Stephen Blunt

Image credit: Stephen Blunt


Kingston // University of East London // CASS // University of Westminster

Guest Critics:

• Kate Macintosh

• Pollard Thomas Edwards

• Matthew Lloyd Architects

• Levitt Bernstein

• Richard Lavington

• GLA Regeneration Team

• Peabody Housing Association

University of Westminster - 15 April 2019

The last Megacrit of the 2019 season was hosted by the student architecture society at the University of Westminter with 22 students presenting from four different schools of Architecture. The students also organised to host an exhibition of works by the festival Arab Women Artists Now alongside presentations by architects Angela Brady and Yasmin Shariff. 

After the Megacrit, students organised a Megaparty to conclude the day's packed itinerary and invited students from across all the London universities to attend.


Westminster // CASS // RCA // Kingston

Guest Critics:

Alex Surguladze
Angela Brady
Anthony Boulanger
Ben Summers
Chloe Spiby Loh
Crista Popescu
David O'Reilly
Elisa Engel
Hamish McMichael
Harry Charrington
Jeffrey Turko
Jon Goodbun
Lauren Pattern
Magali Thompson
Murray Fraser
Nasser Golzari
Nouha Hansen
Patrick Devlin
Roudaina al Khani
Russell Curtis
Sadiqa Jabbar
Sam Lyons
Sean Griffiths
Selasi Setufe
Steve Bowkett
Yasmin Shariff